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How did you come up with the idea to create “Monuments”?
During our wedding tour we visited Crete and saw the ruins of old buildings, which were great in the past. The theme of erecting big monuments, which become famous and fade away through the ages, was fascinating. Sometimes as in Cnossos we only knew about some monuments from historians telling us about them - and archeology started by men like Schliemann and Carter.

Where do you get the ideas for your games? Do they start with the mechanics, or the themes?
Themes are the beginning of it all to me. However, sometimes the mechanics I develop to one theme become standalone ones or match better with another theme.

What kind of mechanics do you prefer to focus on the development process of your games?
I like to challenge players with part-information-situations. That is like OSTIA you know a lot of the cards which are in the current round in the hands of the players - on the other hand you do not know, what they will do with them. The balance between sure information, gassing and just gambling is interesting to me.

When did you realize that create games were your dream?
About 1991, when I first developed my first standalone game for a sylvester evening in family.
I became sure as some of my ideas for Settler of Catan scenarios were published in the book of KOSMOS/Klaus Teuber in 2000.

Which level of luck is acceptable for you in a game?
That depends on the length and rules of the game. The more you have to decide and thus take influence, prepare a strategy and so on, the less luck should be in the game. The more time a game takes to be played, the less luck is good for it.

How many games do you work on at one time? Are you working on several designs simultaneously, or do you work solely on one project?
Sometimes I work on several game designs at the same time - but only one or two are in the Focus. The others are only in the background for boring car driving times.

Can you tell anything about the project you are currently working on? Can you tell any details about the game itself?

How often do you play test a board game before publication?
Depending on the depth of strategy,about 30-80 times.

What game that you've designed took the longest and had the most changes?

OSTIA - in one evening session we played it two times and changed the rules during play from round to round - it was very funny.
Monuments and the settler scenarios were finished in the main rules right from the beginning. However, developing of the details is much more work than getting the main mechanics done.

How do you define yourself as a game designer?
Professional rookie.

Your family and friends participate in your adventure to create a new game?
Of course, because they are my favorite playtesters and have fun in testing and talking about new ideas.

The creation of a game, have several moments – creation, editing, testing and publishing – which is the most pleasant for you? Why?

Creation is most fun to me, because you can give your thoughts freedom. Nothing is wrong in the meaning of the word at this stage.

You play games time to time, or the games are part of your daily life?

Games are part of my daily life - although we are not playing each day due to other things we have to do (family is very important and we have two small Childs).

How often do you play your own games after they've been published? Do you prefer playing your own games or the games of others?

Personally I prefer to play games of other designers, but I enjoy playing my own games, when I am asked to do so.

Can you tell me the game you enjoy playing the most? Why?
Settlers is still a favorite, because most people know it and we can start playing without spending much time in explaining. It is another game each time you play it, because of the different combinations of landscape and numbers on it.

Can you tell me your favorite game? And your favorite type of game?
I like games of the Civilization type, through the ages for example. However since we do not often have the time to play those, I like games where you can make some decisions on your own and do not have to be that lucky to hope that the dice like you. I dislike games like outburst or any other pure party game.

Do you prefer play the games or create them?
Both - it is easier to play them, but it is more fun to create them.

Do you think sales are a determining factor of whether a game is good or not?

Do you normally follow any particular game designer with especial attention?
I am always taking a look at new games of Reiner Knizia, Michael Schacht and Klaus Teuber.

Do you think that board games can be use for an education purpose?

Definitely YES - but do not make the mistake to do it as a lesson, but as fun.

How have your games changed over the last years? What have you learned to do and not do when designing?
Hardest lesson is to reduce the game idea I initially have to the most important mechanic: Everything I do not need absolutely for the game has to be dropped. Otherwise I would have a rulebook of 16 pages or more for a 45 minute-game.

Do you have another job, or you are a full time game designer?

I am a lawyer in my main profession.

What you think about the economic crisis? It will affect the games sales?
Maybe a little bit, but not seriously. People, who like games or want to buy them as a gift, will have some money to do so.

What you know about Portugal? Have you ever visited Portugal?
Unfortunately I have not been there up to now. It is sunny there and some of my friends traveled to Portugal for a vacation. You have great football players!

Thank you very much for your interview.
Thanks for your interest.

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Atlantis: Szenarien & Varianten zu Die Siedler von Catan - 2005
Die Gilden von Ankh-Morpork -2008
Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity - 2008
Nebraska Trade 'em - 2008
Ostia - 2005
Rincewind and the Tourist - 2008
Die Siedler von Catan - Renaissance in der – 2007

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